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Entrusting a single service provider with several support or technical functions for the company: this is the principle of Facility Management (FM). A source of savings, but to be carefully checked. On average, using FM allows you to save 10% on your overhead costs. However, the buyer will have to remain vigilant in the choice of his service provider, in particular by checking the hidden costs (induced in particular by the control and monitoring of the services), as well as his ability to master all the areas in which he is likely to step in.

Partenaires d'affaires au travail



Optimizing the performance of your installations & improving the working environment and the well-being of users


Our experts support you in the real estate exploitation strategy for your properties and manage the management of the buildings, energy and technical performances and ultimately the quality of services intended for the comfort of the occupants.


Our missions consist in defining, specifying and implementing an organization, methods or tools intended to respond in an optimal manner to the needs of the Client in terms of operation, maintenance and services.

Based on an analysis of your needs and the context, are included:

  • The search for the best organization scheme for maintenance and services and the evaluation of the corresponding costs on existing real estate assets or on new projects

  • Advice on the organization of property management and the working environment, and support for change management

  • The specifications for all areas of service: technical operation and maintenance, regulatory controls, cleanliness, waste, physical security and safety, physical and telephone reception, logistics, concierge , transport, car fleet, mail, property management, etc. …

  • Consulting specialized service providers, analyzing offers and choosing the provider

  • Finalization of contracts integrating phase updates, analysis and negotiation

  • Monitoring the execution of contracts during the first 3 to 6 months after they take effect to verify the proper implementation of contractual requirements (including methods and reporting) and the means put in place by providers in accordance with specifications.


Our missions:

  • Real estate operation analysis & strategy:

    • Master Plan of Real Estate Exploitation

    • Multi-year investment plans

    • Operating expenses audits

    • Management of Tenders, Facility

    • Management and Multi technique

    • Providers' Organizational Review

  • Building management:

    • Deployment of Facility Management & Multi-technical contracts

    • Support for the Operational Management of building and occupant services

collationnement de données

Piloting consists in particular and in all areas of:

  • Continuously guarantee quality services to occupants as well as the operating performance of the installations

  • Ensure the follow-up of preventive and corrective maintenance of technical equipment in a rigorous way, in the concern of the reliability of operation and optimized conservation of buildings

  • Manage, as closely as possible, service providers and companies intervening in coordination with site operating constraints

  • Control current operating costs (compliance with provisional budgets, purchasing under the best conditions, relevance of choices and decisions)

  • Constantly seek to improve the functioning of the sites

  • Guarantee the respect of the regulations in force as well as the objectives of quality of service or respect for the environment of the Customer, set up the operating procedures of the maintenance according to the risks (asbestos,…)

  • Monitor and optimize energy performance



These missions involve all the skills brought together by the ARK INTERNATIONAL Consulting teams in order to optimize the design of a project, the setting up of specifications integrating the maintenance component  from the initial phases of a real estate project.

These include:

  • Analyze and evaluate the operating costs of a planned or existing structure, research the areas of optimization taking into account the latest environmental rules

  • To specify the Client's objectives in terms of future operation-maintenance in the context of the development of a program (public or private project carried out according to the principles of the MOP law, a design-build, a contract partnership,…)

  • Analyze projects in an approach integrating maintenance (of Global Cost type) and seek areas for improvement at all stages of design

  • To participate in OPR / OPL to check, before it is definitely too late, that the maintenance requirements and constraints are properly taken into account

  • To carry out the "commissioning" of the technical installations with a view to possible certification

  • To define dashboards and reporting tools, to specify and search CMMS tools, GDI (Management of Intervention Requests), etc. …

  • Coordinate the follow-up of guarantees and in particular of the GPA in relation with the occupants, the service providers and the manufacturer

  • Obtain certification in the areas of maintenance and services (HQE Operation, for example)




Bâtiment en construction
Serrer des mains

ARK INTERNATIONAL is thus able to intervene on any type of subject using the skills of its teams, its knowledge of the real estate world and its know-how.

Analyse de marché



ARK INTERNATIONAL intervenes punctually or within the framework of periodic missions to assist the owners and users within the framework of the on-site management of the operating and maintenance services carried out within the framework of service contracts or piecemeal.

  • Punctual or periodic control of the relevance of the methods and means implemented by the service providers within the framework of their contractual obligations

  • Punctual or periodic control of the good execution of the contractual services: conformity of the realization, evaluation of the results obtained, respect of the planning, the deadlines and in general of the objectives

  • Assistance in the expression of needs and analysis of the quotes proposed by the providers consulted

  • Monitoring of energy and fluids consumption, optimization of supply contracts

  • Advice on implementation and compliance with standards and regulations (technical, safety, environment, asbestos, etc.)

  • Advice on the implementation of tools: CMMS, EDM, reporting, technical documentation

  • Follow-up of the taking into account and the treatment of the observations of the control offices and the approved organizations



In an environmental context that has become a priority and especially in the building sector, our teams support you in the implementation of approaches focused around the construction of a solid CSR policy with, among other things, certification, green management and occupant awareness.

Énergie Consultation sur l'efficacité

Our missions:

  • Buildings & organizations:

    • User awareness actions

    • CSR policy

    • Sustainable Development Policy

  • Users & behaviors:

    • Energy Audits

    • Assistance to HQE / BREEAM / LEADS Certifications

    • Green Management



It is a question of defining the processes, organizations, methods and tools which you (owner or users) permanently ensure the coordination and the control of the operational services carried out within the framework of contracts or triggered piecemeal.

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