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Real Estate, Facility Management, Purchasing,

Consulting and Project Management Assistance





ARK INTERNATIONAL was born from the encounter of 3 real estate professionals who have put together their experiences at the service of companies wishing to manage their real estate effectively.


ARK INTERNATIONAL offers you all the services of an Outsourced Real Estate Department.


Real estate is a constantly evolving field from both a technical and regulatory point of view and is one of the most important expense items for businesses.


ARK INTERNATIONAL is an independent and objective actor, which is able to quickly put in place in France and abroad, the skills, tools and methods which will allow you to optimize the performance of your assets in a simple and efficient way.

ARK INTERNATIONAL is your partner for the management of your building portfolio

The experience of ARK INTERNATIONAL teams of specialists allows us to offer missions covering most of our clients' real estate needs:


  • From the realization of asset inventories allowing to have a fair vision of the situation of the real estate portfolio to the implementation of management tools and real estate management.

  • From the analysis of needs, the market status and the situation through the valuation of real estate assets until the development of a real estate strategy adapted to the company's vision.

  • From the leasing of premises or their renewal to their renegotiation or to the anticipated exit in the event of a crisis

  • From construction of buildings to the resale of assets or their refinancing

  • From expense analysis to finding savings and implementing action plans

  • From the quality of service provided to occupants to the costs of managing and operating the facilities

  • From compliance with regulatory aspects guaranteeing the safety of occupants and property to the implementation of a policy of environmental quality for the building portfolio


We listeni to your needs and establish a tailor-made action plan as part of a mission developed for you. Our dashboard allows you to follow the evolution and the achievement of the given objectives.



The missions carried out by ARK INTERNATIONAL provide high added value in terms of decision-making assistance for companies seeking to optimize the management of their assets.


To find out more, please click on the links below and

discover the missions that we can carry out for you.

ARK INTERNATIONAL Direction Immobilière

Direction Immobilière

ARK INTERNATIONAL Facility Management et Directions des Achats

Facility Management et Direction des Achats

ARK INTERNATIONAL Conseil Immobilier et Assistance Maitrise d'Ouvrage

Conseil Immobilier et

Assistance Maitrise d'Ouvrage

ARKIMMO INTERNATIONAL conseil en immobilier d'entreprise
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